Greenberry – Raspberry bushes provide the leaves that are carefully blended with Hyson tea leaves for a lively favor.  Try with slice of lemon for accent.  HySon translated is “flourishing spring” where the blend hold up to its name by imparting a springtime experience.

Ingredients: organic green tea & raspberry leaf/Seep 190°4 min. /Infusions

Happiness – Fragrant green tea leaves combined with seeds from the fruit pods of the climbing orchid known as Vanilla, as well as magically marrying mango for a taste of a tropical getaway. Enjoyed both hot or iced.

Ingredients: organic green tea, mango, and vanilla/Steep 210°4 min. /2-3 Infusions

Jasmine – Hand-picked white jasmine flowers tossed with delicate green tea leaves to bring you an exotic and aromatic cup of tea.  The flowers are removed after scenting is achieved.  Delicious!

Ingredients: young green tea leaf/ Steep 210° 5 min. /2-3 Infusions

Rolling Greens – Fresh harvested organic green tea leaves and tender buds are skillfully steamed in a wok and rolled into tight tiny pellets (thus the name).  The pellets unfurl when brewed providing a medium-bodied, golden infusion with a nutty vegetable flavor. Denser than other teas.

Ingredients: young green tea leaf. /Steep 180 min. /1 Infusion