handsClara’s Breakfast  – Handpicked Keemum is a favorite for a stimulating start of the day.  This tea has a clear, brisk, full-bodied flavor similar to an English Breakfast Blend.

Ingredients: organic whole leaf black tea/Steep at 210° 4 min. /2-3 Infusions

Clara’s After DinnerA refined blend of organic Darjeeling and Assam teas which is regarded as a tasty, relaxing, and excellent after dinner drink, tasty and relaxing.  The leaves that are selected for production went through withering, rolling, oxidation, and drying in order to bring you this scrumptious drink.

Ingredients: organic, whole leaf black tea/Steep at 212° 5min. /2 Infusions

Darjeeling – Hand-picked from a small family farm high up in the Himalayan mountains, these delicate leaves are the choice of tea connoisseurs, chefs, and my discerning friends from around the world.  Enjoy an exquisite smooth full-bodied flavor.

Ingredients: organic whole leaf back tea/Steep at 210°3.5 min. /2 Infusions

Ceylon – A superior leaf selected to produce a smooth, mild black tea to yield a golden bouquet and rich flavor with a lingering finish.  It will steep to a beautiful golden color in your cup. Add milk with sugar for a treat.

Ingredients: organic whole leaf black tea/Steep at 190°5 min. /2-3 Infusions