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About Clara's Tea Garden

The mission of Clara’s Tea Garden is to provide special handcrafted tea balls that inspire and increase the well-being of mind, body and spirit. Clara’s tea blends nurture consumers by honoring the plants that produce the ingredients of distinctive and delicious cups of tea steeped from leaves of Clara’s tea garden. We offer a variety of teas sourced from small and large family farms from around the world ensuring that our teas are producced in a socially responsible and environmentally aware way. We believe as tea producers and consumers of tea there is a responsibility to support tea farmers, their families and their communities all working together towards a sustainable future for the entire global tea industry. Clara’s Tea Garden is proud to be a part of the solution.

Upcoming Events

APRIL 14th



Come to the Garden Talk and learn which insects should be eradicated and which ones should be honored. Our guest speaker, Barbara Meyer, is a master gardener and has been an Edison Ford Garden Shoppe volunteer for 15 years.

Edison Ford members: $10; future members: $15.
Registration not required.

Edison Ford Winter Estates in Fort Myers, FL

APRIL 14th



Join Edison Ford Senior Horticulturist, Debbie Hughes, as she teaches this class on how to make tea and herbal beverages using herbs that are grown right here in Florida. Many of these herbs are available for sale in the Edison Ford Garden Shoppe, so participants can purchase the herbs and make their own beverages at home. Come learn how to make some delicious homemade drinks! Advance registration not required.

Edison Ford Winter Estates in Fort Myers, FL