About Clara's Tea Garden

The mission of Clara’s Tea Garden is to provide special handcrafted tea balls that inspire and increase the well-being of mind, body and spirit. Clara’s tea blends nurture consumers by honoring the plants that produce the ingredients of distinctive and delicious cups of tea steeped from leaves of Clara’s tea garden. We offer a variety of teas sourced from small and large family farms from around the world ensuring that our teas are producced in a socially responsible and environmentally aware way. We believe as tea producers and consumers of tea there is a responsibility to support tea farmers, their families and their communities all working together towards a sustainable future for the entire global tea industry. Clara’s Tea Garden is proud to be a part of the solution.


Hand-picked Keemun is a favorite for a stimulating start to the day. This tea has a clear, brisk, full-bodied flavor similar to an English Breakfast blend.

Hand-picked from a small family farm high up in the Himalayas, these delicate leaves are the choice of tea connoisseurs, chefs and discerning friends from around the world. Enjoy an exquisite smooth full-bodied flavor.

A superior leaf selected to produce a smooth, mild black tea to yeild a golden bouquet and rich flavor. It will steep to a beautiful golden color in your cup. Add milk and sugar for a treat.

A refined blend of organic Darjeeling and Assam teas which is regarded as tasty, relaxing and an excellent after dinner drink. The leaves that are selected for production went through withering, rolling, oxidation and drying in order to bring you this scrumptious drink.


Raspberry bushes provide the leaves that are carefully blended with Hy-Son tea leaves for a lively flavor. Try with a slice of lemon. Hy-Son translated is “flourishing spring”. The blend with impart a Springtime experience.

Fragrant green tea leaves combined with seeds from the fragrant fruit pods of the climbing orchid known as Vanilla, as well as magically marrying mango for a taste of a topical getaway. Enjoyed both hot or iced.

Hand-picked white Jasmine flowers tossed with delicate green tea leaves to bring you an exotic and aromatic cup of tea. The flowers are removed after scenting is achieved.

Fresh harvested organic green tea leaves and tender buds are skillfully steamed in a wok and rolled into tight tiny pellets (thus the name). The pellets unfurl when brewed providing a medium-bodied, golden infusion with a nutty vegetal flavor.


One of the most popular herbs in the world. Hand-picked tiny white and yellow flowers (no leaves or stems) provide a much sweeter flower taste with a hint of green apple flavor. This tea will calm your mind, body and spirit.

This healthy hot or cold tea is refreshing for anytime. The premium silky-head lemon grass is paired with fresh garden mint to provide you a citrus sensation that is invigorating to all of your senses.

These gifts of the garden: basil, spearmint, rosehips and lemon myrtle leaves are blended with linden leaves and berries from Australia to provide light floral scents with smooth earthy tones create a sweet finish.

Rooibos (Roy-Boss) translated to “red bush” is hand-picked thin leaves that are blended with vanilla beans, citrus and blue flowers to create this wonderful caffiene-free taste sensation that is equally good cold. A late night favorite.

A caffeine-free tea specially blended with sultry spices and rich spiced black Rooibos for a decadent cup of bliss. Empty the spice rack: cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, vanilla. We throw in some dark chocolate for a surprise.

From the caffeine laden leaves of the evergreen organic rainforest shrub (which can grow up to be a 49 foot tree if not pruned annually) known as Yerba Mate comes this rush of energy you need during busy days. Known as “The Drink of the Gods” throughout Latin America this stimulating, revitalizing social drink is always perfect for after work gatherings.